• Friday April 09,2021
  • 17:30:03
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    Ukraine's coal output rose 1.5% from the year-ago level to 2.71 million tonnes in March, a month-on-month rise of 5.45%, showed the latest data from the country's Energy and Coal Industry Ministry on April 9.

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    One miner has been confirmed dead after a gas outburst in Jinsha county of southwest China's Guizhou province on April 9 2021, reported by cctv.com.

  • 15:09:47
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    Ganqimaodu saw 15 Mongolian coal trucks pass through the border crossing averagely each day in the week to Apr 8, down 12 WoW. There was 0 arrival of trucks over April 1-5, due to China's Qingming festival holiday and nucleic acid detection equipment failure.

  • 15:05:43
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    Coal-washing plants in Wubulangkou in Inner Mongolia have been allowed to restart operation, but washing capacity stayed low due to weak supply of raw coal. Offers of Mongolian #5 raw coal stood at 1,120-1,150 yuan/t, and Mongolian #5 washed coal at 1,400-1,450 yuan/t, ex-Ganqimaodu with VAT, but available supplies were limited.

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    Medium-haul Mongolian coal trucks freight from ETT mine to Tsagaan Khad stood at 80-90 yuan/t, short-haul freight from Tsagaan Khad to Ganqimaodu at 300 yuan/t. Freight from Wubulangkou to Tangshan, Hebei at 185-205 yuan/t, exclusive of VAT.

  • 14:55:52
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    Liulin high-sulfur premium coking coal sold well, but supplies were tight. Some miners started to limit sales to non-regular customers. Mainstream prices of Liulin high-S coking coal (S2.0-2.3%, G85) stood at 980-1,040 yuan/t, ex-washplant with VAT in cash.

  • 11:58:42
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    India has huge potential to become the world's largest importer of coking coal by 2025, Pankaj Satija, Chief Regulatory Affairs at Tata Steel, said in Coaltrans Global 2021 on April 7.

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    Lingshao ±800 kV UHV DC line, a key west-to-east power transmission line from Ningxia to Zhejiang, delivered about 13.5 TWh of electricity to Zhejiang province in Q1, surging 32.5% YoY and hitting a historical high.

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    Zhejiang's power consumption in March totaled 44.7 TWh, a 22.4% rise year on year, official data showed. Its power consumption in the first quarter increased 34.8% year on year to 116.9 TWh, suggesting the strong economic growth since the beginning of the year.

  • 10:15:20
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    Chongqing Iron & Steel (601005) expected its net profit in the first quarter to soar 1.08 billion yuan ($164.9 million). The company had a net profit of only 4.17 million yuan in the first quarter of 2020.

  • 09:54:02
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    Indian government data showed 78.9% of power generation in the first quarter this year came from coal burning, with the proportion in its energy mix reaching the highest in the past nine quarters at least, against 75.9% in the same quarter last year.

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    EIA data showed that weekly US coal production was estimated to be 10.73 million short tons (9.73 million tonnes) in the week ended April 3, down 3.04% from the previous week yet up 3.19% from the year-ago week.

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    China Coal Energy Co., Ltd, the listed arm of state-run China National Coal Group, expected its net profit to reach 3.42-3.52 billion yuan ($521.5-537.5 million) in Q1, surging 427%-443% YoY.

  • Thursday April 08,2021
  • 17:36:46
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    Zamyn-Uud in Mongolia has suspended customs clearance for trucks since March 23, mainly due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, according Chinese Embassy in Mongolia. It was still unclear when the border crossing would reopen.

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    China's Ganqimaodu saw 2 trucks pass through the border on Apr 7, down from 16 trucks on Apr 6 and a slight recovery from 0 during Apr 1-5. Coal washing plants in Jinquan Industrial Park near the border have been allowed to resume production, but some washing plants still suspended production due to inefficient raw coal supplies.

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